Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday's Words and Cravings

Last night at dinner where we ate the delicious French Dip, (mentioned in the previous post), Phoebe gave us all a good laugh. So, here are Wednesday's Words for you:

I made a spinach salad to go along with the meal. It had chopped up hard boiled eggs along with other yummy ingredients. I knew that hard boiled eggs are one of Phoebe's favorites, so I saved a whole one and gave it to her at the dinner table.

She started eating it and then proclaimed in ultimate excitement, "Look, I found the treasure and I'm eating it!" She was referring to the center of the egg, with all of it's "yokey" glory and was so thrilled to be eating her treasure. We all had a good laugh. She must be anticipating Easter as well with finding treasures inside of Easter Eggs.

And to top off a great meal, some friends of mine all went to Cravings in PG for some yummy cupcakes and a baby shower for my good friend Katie. Fitting name for a baby shower: "Cravings."

It was a blast and I'm just so thrilled for Katie, who is having twins!! I miss being in the Primary Presidency with her...we had some good times!

If you haven't been to Cravings in PG, you must! It is fabulously cute and adorably decorated! And the cupcakes are amazing! I loved going up to the counter and seeing a large jar full of "visiting teaching" messages in cute cut-outs that you can pick up along with a bag and some treats...just making life easier, I guess!

I will be back!

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