Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We went for a drive on sunday evening. I love taking drives! It's relaxing and nice to get out of the house, put the kids in their seats and just drive around. Nick and I can take time to talk and look at homes (something we love doing)...and just dream about the future and what it holds.
This lovely picture comes from our drive on Sunday, courtesy of my iphone. I love Utah sunsets, especially when the mountains are white with snow and then turn pink. A full moon was just coming up over the mountains. So serene!

Oh, and did I mention, one or both of our kids usually end up falling asleep while on these lovely drives. Jack, you can expect him to fall asleep for sure! After about 10 min of asking where we were going, and us reassuring, "no where, just around," we heard silence from the back seat.

Speaking of all things nature...yesterday, I saw groups of geese flying NORTH! Is that a good sign spring is on it's way?! I've never really noticed or paused to think around this time of the year if seeing geese flying north would be a good sign. I certainly have noticed them in the fall, flying south. Just wondering...

Okay, WEDNESDAY'S WORDS come to us from a quaint little Bible Church down the road from my house. They always have clever quotes up on their sign out front. Today while driving Jack to preschool, this is what it read:
"Don't Give Up. Even Moses was a basket case.
I had a good chuckle and it put a smile on my face.

Looking forward to the weekend and having some fun painting furniture and taking "before" pics of both of the kids' rooms and preparing for next week's transformation and "after" pics...all thanks to baby arriving shortly! (and me having fun getting ready)

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