Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nosebleed and Iron

Today I got a nosebleed. A bad one. Like 40 min long, and not fun at all! Super gross. Nick came home and picked me up to take me to the Dr. since it wasn't stopping and I had some other (I won't mention) effects. Anyway, I'm okay...it stopped eventually and the sweet nurse that talked with me was very helpful and reassuring.

They decided to check my iron levels. I've known about having low iron since a few weeks back when they took my glucose test. Since then I've been taking an extra iron supplement to try and help. The results came back and I was up a few points, which is good news. But, since it's still low, and causes your blood to thin, they think my nosebleed just lasted longer because of the thinness going on.

Glad to be alive :) ...it kind of scared me though! I'm not one to usually get nosebleeds.

Also, in an effort to up my iron intake, I'm making this recipe tonight:

French Dip

Mouth watering!! If you have not tried this recipe, you must! It's delish! I'm not a big red-meat lover and usually don't eat much meat at all, but this recipe is fabulous and is great every once in a while. Especially for sunday night dinner...and if you want to impress.

Last night, we sent the kids upstairs to get their PJ's on while Nick and I cleaned up the dishes, etc. They came down the stairs laughing hysterically and we found them like this: their pants hiked up to their chins! He he.

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