Monday, February 18, 2013

New Beginnings

Wow. Where to begin. It's been FOREVER since I've updated our family blog. I've decided that I want to keep this up. I've been seriously contemplating if it was worth it or not. But I've made my decision and I'm sticking with it this time. I think in a small way, I need this blog. I want to share more of my thoughts and everyday feelings and happenings so I can compile a record of our lives. And, it is nice to just send my thoughts out there into the vast and unknown cyberspace. (very deep)
I'm not even going to begin to recap ALL of last year...holy cow, that would take forever. So, we'll just start with the present day. Ahh...(sigh)'s good to be back!

Today I woke up 5:45 early. Nick was heading out to work and I was getting up yet again to use the bathroom. It's a common occurance when your 30 weeks pregnant. I got back in my warm inviting bed, ready to cuddle up with the body pillow and fall back asleep, when Jack came in. He was scared and had a bad dream. He wanted to lie down with me, which doesn't happen often! I gladly agreed. Not 10 min go by when my door opens again and little Phoebe, the every day early riser, wants to join us! So I lay there with my two (I mean...three) beautiful kids and felt calm and blessed!

I'm grateful for moments when everyone and everything seems to be just right.

Today I'm thinking about needing to finish choreographing my routines for my fourth grade ballroom class. I teach an after school ballroom class once a week. The end of the year performance is two days after my due date! I'm starting to teach them their routines this week that incorporate the three dances we've learned this year: cha cha, foxtrot, and merengue. I love my class!

Maybe...If I finish working on what I need to with the choreography, and there's time and energy (what little I have) left over, I'll reward myself with sewing some fun things I've been working on for our new arrival!

We decided to let the gender be a surprise this time! I guess it made sense; we have one of each. At first it was hard not to find out, but now I'm just anxious for April to come and my veins to calm down and my body to begin to go back to normal again. k...that sounded completely selfish, I promise...I am more thrilled to meet our baby! I would gladly do it all again...and I mean it! But, man, this third (if we're not counting the miscarriage) pregnancy has been hard physically for me. My first two were not bad at all...but, now I just feel like my body is falling apart.

And, we're guessing it's a boy...

I got a text today from a cousin in Maine who was chatting with her friend in Florida. Her friend had some questions about the "Mormons" and my cousin was trying to help answer her questions as best she could (since she's not one either). So...she texted me to ask some questions about what we believe in when it comes to "heaven." Her texts caught me by surprise, while I was running around Smith's getting some shopping done. But...I was pleasantly happy and grateful for the opportunity I had to answer some questions without going into much detail. I simply referred them both to, which is pretty awesome by the way! If you haven't checked it out...I was very pleased with the site and the fact that I could send them there feeling comfortable and confident that they would have their questions answered correctly. And there's even a link to chat with the missionaries! Awesome!! Anyway, it was a highlight of my day so far to be asked about my beliefs...which doesn't happen often living here in Utah County! Thanks Cousin!!

Phoebe a few weeks back with her hair curled for church

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